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SCD makes me happy :)

Strcitly Come Dancing movie week baby! I swear that show always makes me happy no matter what, I wish to God I could be on it, unfortunately you have to be famous :( No love for us regular folk!

Frankie in particular was amazing!

And Mark for the lols!


I'm having a bit of a livejournal problem in that it won't let me upload pictures from my files, I wanted to add an icon to my collection but I hit the browse button to add the file and nothing comes up, is this a common problem or does my computer hate me?


I always did like the number 3

I am so excited I may throw up.

And yes I do realize I was very unhappy two weeks ago when Jason left but this is what happens with me with this band. Something bad happens and I get very sad and then a couple of days later something amazing happens and I am over the bad thing.

Love these boys! <3

*coughs*Jason is still the fave though*coughs*

Love life woes

Why is it all the men that seem too be interested in me are either:

a. Old enough to be my Dad
b. Already have kids (which to be quite honest is a little daunting for a 21 year old)
c. Completely bat crap crazy

I mean seriously? I must just attract them somehow.


Jason leaving TT :(

Obviously I am utterly devastated on hearing the news. As i'm sure many of you know Jason was always my favourite in the band and it's definately going to be strange to have Take That without him. But I can't be horrible or selfish about it, after all I don't actually know him but it is his decision to make, if he really truely doesn't want to be in the band then it's better for everyone involved if he isn't. I do just hope that he is happy and that he really did part on good terms with everyone.

In spite of all of this I still see him as a member of TT. It's the same as when Robbie left really, he wasn't there but deep down inside you still counted him as a member.

I still await the new album with glee, even though it will be weird having just 3 members now (seeing as Robbie is on hiatus? It's not been made clear if he will come back again or not so i'm not sure if he will be present for another album). I still love TT to pieces, the music got me thorugh alot of hard times and I fully hope that there will be much more music to come.

Love them as 5

Love them as 4

And now love them as 3

I do despair!

We actually already have christmas stuff in, to actually buy.

It's not even October!


Possible new fic?

Ok so I may or may not be beginning to have started writing TT fanfic again, it's mainly because this hiatus has gone on for far too bloody long and i miss the boys sooooooooooo much! *coughs*especially Jason*coughs*.

That's when I realized that I have three unfinished fics that never got, well, finished. Hence unfinished.

'East Meets West', 'Happiness Suits You' and 'Christmas Wishes and Kisses' never got their endings. And i'll be damned if I leave anything unfinished! Even know it seems everyone who read them has disappeared :(

Yeah i'm thinking I might finish them first but I already have a Gary/Howard one shot I want to write and a new chaptered fic featuring all the boys.

But first things first I need to finish what I started! Even though the last chapter posted was 2012. Oops.

Isn't this awkward?

Errr, hello?

I've kind of been gone a while so this is very strange! I'm not even sure if any of the TT girls are still on here that I used to talk to but i'm back! Is this a yay or nay? lol

Oct. 22nd, 2012

Right I don't know if anyone is watching the X Factor or as I call it the crap factor (I only watch it for Gary) but I am slightly concerned about Mr.Barlow. He looks really depressed and is clearly not happy doing the show (I can't blame him considering everyone else on the judging panel wouldn't know a good singer if it bit them on the arse) and I think he looks slightly unwell.

I'm sure obviously the loss of his baby didn't help but i'm actually quite worried about him. Am I alone in this?

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