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Doo be dooby do! Happy Birthday to me!

Ok so yesterday was my birthday! Hooray! 22!

And yes I was at the Take That Warchild gig, and yes I did queue outside for about five hours in the freezing cold (in heels may I mention) and was it worth it? HELL YEAH!!

I think it is actually the best TT gig i've ever been to. I don't know if it was the intimate venue (Sheppherd's Bush Empire) or the fact that it was my birthday but it was pretty amazing. Especially considering it was Lee Pace's bday too (bassist in the band for those who do not know) and Gary sang happy birthday to him so I kind of pretended it was me he was singing to! Haha! (no such luck :()

But seriously this is the second time I have seen them as a three piece (the first being Jingle Bell Ball) and if there is anyone out there who had doubts or anything about it then you absolutely have nothing to worry about. They are better than even quite frankly and definately on top form. One of the best parts of the night was that they all had the stage to themselves at one point.

Gary came on and did 'Forever Love' and 'Let Me Go' and Howard had his own little solo moment with 'What Is Love' and then Mark came on and did 'Four Minute Warning' which made me smile so much I forgot to sing along.

Of course I still miss Jason (as i'm sure most people do) but at the end of the day those three boys love what they do, you can see it, and they have such a good time together that you just dance and sing along with them no matter how many of them there are.

I still have hopes that Jason will come back for the anniversary (and I suppose Rob as well) because he was my favourite and still is but all I can say is that Take That are back and in my opinion better than ever.

Ok now I can't wait for the tour! :)

In other news I am hoping to get tickets for Top Gear Live at the O2 however my mother is being a bit of a spoilsport on the whole thing. Turns out a ticket costs £100. That's for one ticket.

Now according to her it's ok that we spend that much on TT but apparently Clarkson, Hammond and May are not worth that much. *sulks*

I shall drag her down, I know I will.

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